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Offering you a complete choice of products which include karnalite, aluminum strontium, lomag (magnesium remover) and scot-bn-coatings boron nitride coating.


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Country of OriginMade in India
Karnalite (MGCL2 + KCL BLEND) General Description


Karnalite flux is a sodium free flux that can be used for all aluminium alloys for degasing, covering and drossing. It also removes all alkaline metals from molten aluminium.

It also form a protective coating to avoid oxidation. Karnalite is also used for removing hydrogen from the melt.


  • Avoids Oxidation
  • Removal of Hydrogen from the melt.
  • Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium Removal elements
  • Covering and drossing flux.
  • Economical method

Instructions for use :

Karnalite flux should be added to the melt at the temperature of 690-750 Degree Celcius. The recommended application rate should be 0.1 to 0.2% of the melt size. Rebel the melt and remove the dross from the top of molten metal.



  • Appearance : White to Grey color
  • Packing : 25 Kg. HDPE lined bags

Store in cool and dry conditions

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Aluminum Strontium

Aluminum Strontium

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Aluminium Strontium 10% 10% Strontium + Al ALSR 10% ALLOY General Description Scot-Modalloy-Strontium stick (tablet) is an excellent modifying agent for aluminium and its alloys. It is used to refine the grains of silicon in the alloy, improve the mechanical capacity of the alloy and provide stability in re-melting. The purpose of modifying eutectic and hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys is to change the acicular form of silicon to spheroids or globular form results in improved mechanical properties.

 Improvement in mechanical and metallurgical properties
 Anti-decay properties
 Stability in remelting
 Easy to use with no pollution problems
 No storage and handling problems.
 Excellent tensile & ductile strength due to uniform distribution of silicon grains
 No impurity added into the melt Application Instructions for use : 1. Prepare the required alloy composition. Follow the normal fluxing and cleaning procedure as recommended. 2. Degas the melt with tablet degaser or by mobile degassing unit and dross off by using small quantity of coverflux. 3. After the degassing operation, add Scot-Alti5B1 grain refiner at an application rate of 0.20 to 0.40 by weight at temperature between 700-750 Deg C. 4. Add Scot-Modalloy-Strontium at an application rate of 0.20  0.40 at a temperature between 700 to 750 deg C. 5. Rabble the melt to ensure homogeneity, wait for 5 to 10 min. then use.

 Sr : 9.7-10.2%
 Si : 0.2 Max
 Fe : 0.2 Max
 V : 0.1 Max
 Al : Balance

Packaging STANDARD PACKING Scot-Modalloy-Strontium Tablet : 200-400 GRMS Scot-Modalloy-Strontium Rod : 9.5 mm Dia, 500 mm Length
Packing : Jute Bags / HDPE Bags / Corrugated Boxes

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Lomag (Magnesium Remover)

Lomag (Magnesium Remover)

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Lomag (Magnesium Remover) Magnesium Remover Flux

General Description

A white coloured powder / Tablet for removing contaminating amounts of magnesium from molten aluminium and its alloys.

As a simple plunging method of removing unwanted minor amounts of magnesium from molten aluminium and aluminium alloy. Fairly high metal temperatures improve the efficiency of the reaction. The method is best used with crucible type melting furnaces.

LOMAG flux decomposes when heated to 750-800 0 C (1382 – 1472 0 F) to release products which react preferentially with magnesium and remove it from the melt. LOMAG also exerts a degassing and cleansing action thus enhancing its attraction for application to reclaimed materials & dirty charges.


Instructions for use :

If the initial magnesium content is above 1% add sufficient magnesium-free metal to bring it down to this level. Heat the melt to 750-800 0 C and plunge the packets of LOMAG slowly beneath the surface, holding until the reaction ceases. For most efficient results the total amount of LOMAG should be divided up and the treatment carried out in stages. Use a refractory paint protected and pre-heated cast iron plunger or plunging box furnished with holes to provide a stream of bubbles.

Amount to Use :

Use 1 kg of LOMAG per 100 kg of metal for every 0.1% (approximately) of magnesium to be removed

  • Removes Magnesium from molten Aluminium / Aluminium Alloy
  • Also helps in degasing
  • This product also removes other alkali metals like  Sodium and Calcium
  • Color:- LOMAG 6 WHITE
  • Form :- POWDER / TABLET
  • Moisture :- 0.05% MAX

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General Description

Scot-BN-Coating is used in lining, casting lift table, launder, distributor filter box, iron crucible and thermocouple. It is also used to repair tundish, lining and furnace doors and other types of ceramic products. It is a non-wetting coating used in mainly used in Aluminium and zinc Industries. Scot-BN-Coating is used in metal lining and casting which are in contact with molten metal.


  • Not-wetting characteristics with aluminium
  • Makes the surface of Ceramic more smooth
  • Dross and other metal impurities easily removed
  • Increased the life of ceramic lining and ladles
  • Easy application method, easy storage
  • Does not interfere with the melt quality
  • Perfect refectory and insulation performance
  • Protects the surface of metal lining from molten metal and Iron impurities
  • Absorbs and cushions the impact of sudden temperature changes


Instructions for use

1. Scot-BN-coating should be diluted with water in the ratio of 1 1.5-2, i.e. 1 kg coating can be mixed with 1.5 to 2 kg water.

2. Customers can choose different densities depending on application methods.

3. After dilution, brush or spray on the warm up lining or the ladles equally (uniform thickness at 50 Degree Celsius). Warming up is essential for the ceramic material or metal surface to absorb the coating perfectly.

4. When coating is dried, wipe till the surface becomes smooth. If coating flakes are observed after some time, the same method of application should be repeated once more.

5. Spraying and brushing can be applied to all materials which are in touch with molten metal.


Specifications and Packing

  • Scot-BN-Coating
  • Appearance:  White paste
  • Viscosity:Depends on rate of dilution and application method
  • Packing 4Kg. / Drum, 16 Kg. per Carton.


Store in cool dry place and stir well before use.


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